During site selection, TowerKing works with many land owners, all with different expectations for the tower.

We’re very flexible. It’s our goal to become a good neighbor and we enjoy working with landowners. From reorienting the tower to moving access lanes, we’ve obliged in making changes to the tower plans. With locations across the United States and continuing to grow, we want happy landowners!

Rather than calling landowners, we like to meet them in person and introduce ourselves. We explain project plans and answer any questions. A lot of landowners want to know “exactly where do you want the tower”? That is not just dependent on our choice, but also on the landowners preferred location and use of their property. We do have requirements for tower placement, but we also want to minimally impact the property and keep the existing ground as productive as possible. We always try to place the tower in a corner and out of the way for land owners.

To let you know the things we look for when scoping a site for a tower:

  • Ground that is free of standing water and not in a flood plain
  • Easy access to the public road
  • Near power, telephone, and fiber

TowerKing leases ground and pays monthly rent. The array of uses for the lease revenue ranges widely. We’ve seen it used on: urgent debt collection, a child’s student loans, new farm equipment, or a nice new source of spendable income. Land rent income may not reduce Social Security retirement benefits. Farmers still farm around the tower and to date, we have not had one farmer notice a loss in crop productivity. Cellular providers with equipment on the tower are all licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. There is no interference or harmful transmissions.

It’s a win-win for the landowners as we only need less than ¼ acre for our tower!