Tower build


So, how does TowerKing operate so quickly? This is best shown in our quickest build – a 340′ guyed tower that was erected in 4 months and 1 day. This was a prime example of how our relationship with the community proves to be beneficial when taking risks in getting NEPA and SHPO approvals before the zoning hearing. Being a small company allows us to oversee the entire construction process. TK is teamed up with outstanding A & E firms, survey teams, and site and tower construction companies. These companies are aligned with TK’s expectations to create a successful and expedited tower build.

TowerKing also keeps in stock 340′ high capacity guyed towers which eliminates the tower steel fabrication time. If a shorter or different loading is required, it is much easier to redesign and swap out a section, if needed, rather than fabricating a completely new tower. These small differences in TK’s operations allow for great gain in building time-frame and meeting expectations.