New Builds

Cell phone service providers, internet providers, emergency services, and other companies with communication needs, contact TowerKing for brand new builds to host their service through.

The quickest build in TK’s history was a 340’guyed tower completed in four months and one day (including NEPA, SHPO, Tribal, Archeological, FAA, FCC, Local, State, and Federal permitting).

We specialize in guyed, self-support, and monopole towers. Most of the existing towers in the U.S. are underbuilt for today’s ever-evolving technology. TK’s towers are built to the latest revision G standard. With our towers you don’t have to worry about modifications; our towers are built for the future. Click here for our minimum loading design.


Site Acquisition

It is our standard policy to secure a primary and secondary site at no additional charge on new builds. This is done to ensure our site gets approved quickly. Before site selection, our team visits every site to ensure it will meet all of the power and telco availability and meets all historic, environmental, and EPA requirements. The primary goal of site acquisition is to find a location that best services your RF needs and brings new technology to the community. With TK managing your site acquisition, you can rest assured you will make your on-air date.


Collocation / Leasing

TowerKing offers the industry standard’s lowest cost for collocations. Our team is involved in the entire process and pulls all of your permits so the site is immediately ready for collocation. No upfront fees and no delays.


Need help financing your next communication project? We provide capital for new builds and network expansion.